There’s probably no better feeling than knowing that you got a good deal out of a big purchase – a car for example.

Although shopping for a used car can save you more money than a brand new, there remains a risk that you could be paying for more than what you got. Due to some salespeople who were less than ethical in their pursuit to make a sale in the past, used car dealers in Singapore have gained a reputation for selling low-quality vehicles at unreasonable prices. It’s one reason why it can be difficult to trust a secondhand dealer that you don’t know—and it’s completely understandable.

To save you from the potential frustration, we’ve created a list of the six red flags you should be aware of so you can purchase a used car with confidence.


High-Pressure Selling

Although secondhand, a used car is still a big purchase nonetheless. Thus, when shopping for one, you’ll want to get it right the first time. You have every right to proceed with the purchase at your own pace and if a car dealer starts to feel pushy, or is rushing you to buy, please walk away.


Price is Suspiciously Low

Be cautious of a used car dealer who sells an insanely cheap vehicle. If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Remember, the cheapest may not always be the best purchase. This is why it always pays to do your research about the car you’re looking to buy.


Unusual Stories

There are many unusual stories a rogue dealer can tell you, one being that the car is in a different location than the seller and you can pay in advance to reserve the vehicle. More often than not, this is a red flag suggesting the sale may be fraudulent.


Avoidance of Inspection

A car inspection is normally a part of the buying process. If the car dealer refuses to either let you inspect the car or insist you use their mechanic, you might as well find someone else to buy from. They might be hiding a major flaw with the vehicle.


Verbal Warranty

A car dealer may be willing to show you the vehicle but if you notice a potential problem that they haven’t disclosed earlier on, make sure they put their promise to take care of the issue for you into writing. It’s easy for them to promise the world before closing a sale, but not follow through with it.


Bad Title

Make sure to not engage further if the papers are not readily available for purchase. A car title is an official document that proves the ownership of the car. It should also detail the history of the vehicle which include its date and location of the sale, mileage, as well as the timeline of repairs and accidents involved in if there’s any.

As these red flags indicate, buying a secondhand car can be riskier than buying a brand-new one. You have to be cautious and smart when shopping for used cars and make sure to not let your excitement throw all your reservations out of the window.

The golden rule is to transact only with a licensed car dealer.

As a recommended secondhand car dealer in Singapore, we can guarantee that we steer clear from the red flags outlined above and will keep you from falling prey to the fraudulent acts of rogue car dealers.


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