Technological advancements had made it possible for car manufacturers to create vehicles that could run without gas made from fossil fuels. Some cars even have built-in sensors that make them safer to drive. In Singapore, some used car dealers have these advanced automobiles for sale! However, these new awesome car features are only a sneak peek of what the car industry has to offer today.

Here are some of the groundbreaking technologies that have currently shaped the car industry:


  • Autonomous Car Features
    In sci-fi movies, it’s common for cars to run without having someone to drive or control it. We are slowly turning this impossible feat into reality as some automobile manufacturers like Audi and BMW start to develop autonomous driving technologies. Audi has built vehicles with a cruise control system in which it allows the car to adjust its speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of it. Meanwhile, BMW has introduced the autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system in which it has the capacity to analyse the road conditions for possible collisions. Aside from that, BMW also used sensors to add automatic parking features on their cars. You do not need to control it and guess whether the rear won’t hit the wall behind because it has a built-in 3D map for the car to navigate it while parking.
  • Production of Sustainable Cars
    Car manufacturers are now introducing eco-friendly cars like hybrid vehicles and electric-powered automobiles to help lower the global carbon footprint. We all know that carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that slowly destroys the environment. It continues to go up as more gas-powered cars are frequently used every day. Fortunately, you can now find environmentally-friendly vehicles among the many used cars for sale in Singapore
  • Hybrid cars help reduce emissions because they have an internal combustion engine and an electric motor to store energy on the car’s battery. Instead of completely relying on gasoline, they alternatively used the battery to power up the car, thus there will be less fuel consumption. Meanwhile, electric cars (EV) are sustainable because they do not run on petrol. They only need to be frequently charged. In Singapore, it is economical to buy an electric car because there are now public EV chargers in BMW and Hyundai showrooms. Some even provide public charging stations like at Greenlots.
  • Integration of Computers for an Interactive Experience
    When you buy a car in Singapore, you will notice that it’s common for the premium ones to have built-in computers that integrate smart car technologies. It allows one to connect their smartphones and other devices to their cars. You can even activate voice commands to remove the hassle of manually playing music. In some high-end cars, there are even built-in navigation apps that eliminate the need to take your eyes off the road. The map is a holographic display powered by augmented reality technology. It’s like you are driving a car on an arcade machine!


Even though some of these automobile technologies are not yet available in Singapore, it is slowly reaching into the car market. Like how those hybrid cars can now be bought from used car dealers like us at Carlingual! Visit our website now to discover new and second-hand cars with the latest technologies.