Today’s brand new vehicles are often presented with a wide range of high-tech features and the latest accessories. They provide new car owners with the most advanced and secure ride, making it all worth the added expense.

However, not everyone is willing to spend a large sum of money on a brand new vehicle as they consider buying a secondhand car from a dealer to be a smarter financial decision.

The good news? Adding a new car technology to your secondhand vehicle is possible and potentially more affordable! As a secondhand car dealer in Singapore, we outlined in this article some of the car-tech options you can consider updating your car with.


Dash Cameras

There’s more to dashcams than merely recording your long scenic drives. The 4k-quality video footages are also good as proof should you be caught in an accident and have to prove that you’re not at fault.


Parking Sensors

Before parking sensors, car drivers had to turn their heads to see what was behind them. This technology has made it easier to guide your car into tight parking areas and avoid potential dents and scratches.


Rearview Cameras

Most brand new cars today are required to have rearview cameras—and for good reasons. Like parking sensors, they are quite helpful in avoiding backing into whatever is behind you. Even better, some come with advanced features such as cross-traffic alert and night vision.


Automatic High Beams

As the name suggests, this system automatically lights up and dims the high-beam headlights based on the moving traffic. For instance, the beam turns high when there’s no approaching traffic and switches back to low as soon as traffic appears.


Jump Starters

Jump-starting your secondhand car no longer has to involve waiting on the side of the road and calling a tow truck service. With a jump starter, you can get your vehicle up and running in just a short time. What’s more, most of these devices can also charge your gadgets.


Blind Spot Warning Devices

This safety device uses a radar sensor that alerts you through an audible notification whenever there is a vehicle in your blind spot. It has only recently been available as an aftermarket accessory but has since proven to reduce potential accidents and injuries.

The car technologies mentioned above are some of what we consider a must-have, as they promote safety on the road and adds to the convenience factor. On the other hand, the following are some of the features we think are nice to have in your secondhand car.


Other Optional Car Technologies

  • Auto-Dimming Mirrors – By dimming the lights reflected in the rearview mirror, this technology can help keep drivers from becoming distracted by the bright lights coming from the vehicles behind.
  • Keyless Entry – Most keyless entry systems work by unlocking the door automatically if it senses that the fob is nearby. It’s a very handy way to unlock a vehicle without having to press any button.

  • Wireless Charging Pads – This pad makes it possible to directly charge a phone battery without the need to connect it to a USB outlet. Some of the latest smartphones are compatible with this feature.
  • Head-Up Displays– Also called a HUD, this transparent display projects data—such as speed and navigation information—without requiring drivers to look away from their usual viewpoints.


These car technologies can no doubt make driving a safer and more convenient experience. A gentle reminder though, take the time to read about and understand how they work. It’s easy to become over-reliant on them that you forget all the other safety measures such as manually checking your blind spots when changing lanes or get so comfortable with engaging in other activities while driving.

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