You will need to invest a lot of money when purchasing a car in Singapore. Whether it’s a brand-new or a used car, it will still cost thousands of dollars to own one. Apart from the purchase price, there are also other car costs to take care of like maintenance and repairs. Thus, it is important to look for reliable car dealers in Singapore.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you determine if a car dealer is reputable:


1. Ask for Referrals

Recommended car dealers in Singapore can give some referrals to their previous customers. You can contact them and ask about the dealer’s sale process. Did the dealer exhibit good customer service? Did the customers experience the utmost convenience during their transaction? Are the car deals fair enough?

Also, remember to request for repeat customers. Those who have experience in purchasing multiple cars from them. They will tell you if the car dealer is consistent in providing quality services throughout their years of service.


2. Request for a Vehicle Report

Purchasing a used car is an economical choice. You get to save more than getting a brand new car. However, you have to take extra measures before you buy from a second-hand car dealer.

To confirm if a used-car dealer can be trusted, see if they provide you with a detailed vehicle history report. This piece of documentation provides information about the condition of the car. It is also indicated there whether the car has been stolen before or if it underwent major repairs because of an accident. 


3. Learn About Car Prices

Before searching for common car prices in Singapore, decide on the type of car you may want to purchase first. You might get overwhelmed with all the available options in the market, so to make things easier, start by choosing a car which matches your lifestyle.

Once you have decided on a car of your choice, try to do some research about how much it is priced in Singapore. Remember not to only look at the upfront costs, but also the running costs of the car. It would come in handy, especially if you have to assess whether a car dealer provides fair prices on their car deals.


4. Consider Future Car Maintenance Needs

Part of the running costs is the car’s maintenance and repairs. So, see to it that the car dealer has an in-house car workshop or is affiliated with a reputable car servicing shop in Singapore. It’s much more convenient if these services are also offered because it eliminates the hassle of looking for a reliable car mechanic.

Along with car servicing services, the car dealership should also have insurance options or warranties. Getting these extra services lets you enjoy huge savings on maintenance and repairs.


5. Look for Dealers with a Versatile Car Collection

It would be better if the car dealers are also reliable parallel importers in Singapore. It means that they provide both used and new cars to their clients. If they have an extensive collection of cars, then it would be easier for you to find specific car features that you are looking for.


6. Learn About their Financing Options

It might be difficult for you to buy a car in one instalment. So, look for car dealers who provide different car financing options. They are often the reliable ones because they value their customer’s convenience by providing a payment plan that works for them.

At first glance, it’s difficult to determine whether a car dealer is reliable or not. So, make sure to follow some of these helpful tips above before making a decision!


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