Probably you are looking for a car to buy in Singapore that is why you have stumbled upon this blog. Before you continue your search, take a break. You are most likely exhausted already from browsing at various car listings on the web. Take some time to read some of these interesting facts about cars in Singapore. You may find some information that could be helpful during your search.

  • Owning a Car in Singapore is the Most Expensive in the World
    Although it is obvious that the cost of owning a car is quite expensive in Singapore, it is surprising that this fact remains to be true in other countries as well. 
  • One of the reasons why car costs are expensive is because of the additional requirements. These aren’t just documents that need to be processed, but these are mandatory fees you will need to settle. One of which is the Additional Registration Fee (ARF). It is a government-mandated tax that is often much more expensive than the purchase price of the car. What’s more, there is the infamous COE. According to the Automobile Association of Singapore, COE prices are around S$36,00 to S$40,009, as of October 2020. Apart from that, maintaining costs can reach up to S$900 a month! But, the good news is that some reputable car importers in Singapore offer modern cars at a reasonable price. You can negotiate with them to get the best deal!
  • “Left Hand Drive” Cars Exist in Singapore
    Even though right-hand drive (RHD) cars dominate the roads, there are a few left-hand drive (LHD) cars as well. If you are a foreigner, then you are probably thinking of importing your LHD to Singapore to have it registered for personal use. Unfortunately, it is not allowed. Although there is an exception for tourists who are only temporarily visiting the country. 
  • Since importing your LHD car is not an option, you can buy instead from a reliable parallel importer in Singapore. Even though it takes a while to get used to driving an RHD car, it is still worth getting one because you can use your car to go to the far-flung areas in Singapore.
  • Blue is Now the Most Popular Car Colour Worldwide
    Gone were the days when white and greyscale cars became the trend. Now, blue is the most popular colour. Blue outranked white-coloured cars because even though pearlescent white looks sophisticated, blue undertones are said to have a tranquil effect, and this makes them an attractive choice. However, it is different in Singapore. Most car owners would still prefer black over other colours because black looks mysterious and oddly mystifying. The colour is even associated with the upper class.
  • Honda is the Most Prominent Car Brand in Singapore
    Honda became popular when they released their facelifted Civic Sedan. Most families would prefer to purchase this car model not only because of its fuel efficiency but it also has a spacious passenger seat, perfect for families. However, the sedan cars are just a small portion of the overall sales of Honda. About 33.7% are from Honda hatchbacks, while 28% came from their SUV models. Since Honda cars are common in Singapore, you can easily find one from parallel car importers in Singapore.


Reading these interesting facts might have made you more interested to buy a car. If you want to get quality vehicles, then check out our car listings only here at Carlingual!