When purchasing a vehicle, two options come to mind: secondhand and brand new. It’s a question that has crossed the minds of people in Singapore who want to buy a car.

When choosing between used and new vehicles, there’s no wrong choice—only the better option depending on your financial status and preferences! Let us help you make the decision process easier Read more to know more about the pros and cons of secondhand and new cars.



Secondhand Cars


  1. Lowest price

If you only want the cheapest car in Singapore just to get around, then you’ll better luck finding one in the secondhand market. A used vehicle is much cheaper compared to a brand new one.

  1. Availability of models

Looking for a rare and vintage car or a car that is no longer on the new cars market? Try looking in the secondhand market!

  1. For short-term owners

If you’re not ready to commit to owning a long-term car, consider buying a used vehicle. New vehicles have 10 years of COE which most car owners take a loan for, and if you should decide to sell the far before the 10 years is up, you will make a loss. If you belong in this group, consider getting a secondhand car where the commitment period to the COE is shorter.



  1. Cosmetic issues

Secondhand vehicles usually come with cosmetic issues like dents and scratches. That’s why it’s crucial to inspect the car before buying. There is also a chance that you will never know if the car has been in an accident as some sellers might not always tell you the truth.

  1. Costly repair services

For older secondhand vehicles, it can be more expensive to get them repaired since their components are usually hard to find. Insurance and road tax also get more expensive as the car gets older, which adds to the cost.


Brand New Cars


  1. Brand new condition

Everyone loves new things!

  1. Latest technology

New cars are often updated with the latest technology, from the Heads Up Display (HUD) to the blind spot monitor. Also, most new cars offer better gas mileage and lower emissions. You can communicate with your dealer to see which model offers a variety of your preferred equipment.

  1. Customisation options

With new cars, you can often customise them to your liking. Whether you want a rear spoiler or sunroof, it’s easier to find vehicles with these features if they’re brand new.



  1. Expensive

A brand new car is costly, especially if you’re searching for high-end models. Insurance can also get expensive for new vehicles due to the cost of repairs, maintenance, and comprehensive coverage combined.


The Better Choice

Ultimately, the better choice depends on how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re worried about spending too much money or are looking for a car that is no longer available on the new cars market, then a used car is the way to go. On the other hand, if the cost is not a limiting factor and if you prefer to be the first owner of a car, then a brand new car is for you!


Whether you’re buying a brand new or secondhand car, only purchase from a recommended car dealers in Singapore. We offer guaranteed deals at reasonable prices! Contact Carlingual at +65 6469 0002.