If you think about it, taking care of your vehicle is similar to monitoring your health. Without proper maintenance and care, your car is more prone to malfunctioning. That’s why maintaining your vehicle is crucial. By keeping your car well-maintained, you’ll give it a longer-lasting lifespan.

Luckily, even you can perform some of the basic car maintenance services to take proper care of your vehicle. Here are some tips:


1. Clean your windshield

Driving a vehicle with a dirty windshield while it’s raining can lead to dire consequences. The rainwater will obstruct your view, especially if your windshield is already dirty even before it rains.

If you’ve just returned home after driving through the rain, make sure to wipe off the rainwater on your windshield. Dried rainwater is hard to get rid of and may damage or scratch your windshield, so clean it while it’s still moist. Most importantly, make sure your windshield is clean when it’s raining to avoid dirt mixing with rainwater.

Furthermore, if you see any chips or dents, have it repaired by a mechanic immediately. Also, remember to clean the wipers as well if they emit a squeaky sound. If that’s the case, that means your wipers are dirty and will leave scratch marks on your windshield if you continue to use them.


2. Check your tyres

Tyres are another essential component of your vehicle that you need to take care of all year long. It won’t matter if the weather is dry or wet—remember to inspect your tyres once in a while.

Keep in mind that the proper way to inflate your tyres is to follow the recommended tyre pressure based on the instructions provided. You can locate your vehicle’s recommended tyre pressure on the side door. If it’s not here, then check the owner’s manual. Here, you’ll see how much air you should add to each tyre.

Improperly inflated tyres will put you at risk while you’re driving, which is why you should check your tyres at least once a month. Not to mention, it’s dangerous to drive with over or underinflated tyres when it’s raining since wet roads can reduce tyre traction.


3. Inspect the battery

Did you know that in the Singapore heat, acceleration of fluid loss can occur, causing the battery components to malfunction instantly? For that reason, heat is the number one cause of reduced battery life, which is why you must inspect your car battery more often.


4. Examine the brakes

Your car brakes can mean the difference between life and death, so make sure they’re working fine. Check your brakes to see if they need any cleaning.

When it’s rainy, keep your ears open for any squeaky sounds. Your brakes can pick up dirty water and grease caused by driving on puddles and wet roads. If you notice any leaking or squeaking, don’t hesitate to get your brakes fixed immediately!



In general, proper vehicle maintenance is crucial for safety, regardless of the weather. Inspect your car more often to improve its lifespan, and to keep you safe at all times!

Drive safely, inspect your car, and be cautious at all times! Keep this in mind, and only buy from recommended car dealers in Singapore.


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