They say life’s too short to drive a car you don’t like. It’s probably the reason why buying parallel imported cars have suddenly become a boon for many Singaporeans who are looking to get the new car they want at a discount.

Purchasing cars from parallel car importers in Singapore is changing the car dealership industry by offering vehicles at cheaper prices. In some cases, they even carry limited-edition car models that authorised dealers don’t.

What exactly are parallel car importers and how do they differ from authorised car dealers?

Parallel Car Importers vs Authorised Car Dealers

For a start, authorised distributors are businesses that have exclusive distribution rights for a particular car brand, directly from the manufacturer. Parallel car importers, on the other hand, purchase directly from the manufacturer and import them to Singapore.

Parallel importing, unlike ADs, do not have any limitations on the car brands they can retail, giving you more options and potentially more competitive rates.


  • Prices – Authorised dealers, with their lavish showrooms, sizeable staff and marketing expenses, carry large overhead expenses that translate into higher car prices. Parallel importers, on the other hand, often have lower costs and can thus price their vehicles cheaper.
  • Financing Options– Like authorised dealers, parallel importers also offer flexible loans from various financial institutions. In some cases, they even have a higher loan approval rate, lower interest rates, and impressive terms of payment.
  • Range of Car Models – Parallel importers generally have a wider range of car models than ADs and as mentioned above, they sometimes carry hybrid or limited-edition models that are not available in an authorised dealership.
  • Replacement Parts – The only downside to parallel importers is that unlike authorised car dealers, they’re not usually stocked with replacement parts. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern if the car you’re looking to buy is not too exclusive.


Buying a Parallel Imported Car. Is It Worth It?

Although parallel car importers have gained a rather bad reputation in Singapore—thanks to the several cases regarding bad experiences with errant parallel importers—you can’t discount the benefits it comes with in terms of cost savings and getting the car you love.

Hence, when purchasing a parallel imported car over a car from an authorised car dealer, the best thing you can do is to exercise due diligence. With so many parallel importers, it’s always better to play it safe by conducting a background check beforehand.

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