Compact, and extremely practical.

The Honda Vezel Hybrid has risen to the occasion in the recent years as one of the most preferred car in the private-hire car industry. The Honda Vezel Hybrid, also known as a compact SUV, is user-friendly, has the ability to squeeze through tight urban confines, and gives one the experience of a smooth ride.

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The rounded front, curved window area and arching roofline gives the Honda Vezel Hybrid a tall coupe look, aided by a sleek and pronounced crease running through the two side doors that meets up with the window line.

The reason why the Honda Vezel Hybrid is the most preferred car is because of its low fuel consumption. Coming in as a 1.5 litre, 4 cylinder in-line DOHC i-VTEC, 130bhp and taking 11.8 secs from 0-100km/h, it can manage up to 24.2km/l.


Here are 3 reasons that will justify your purchase of a Honda Vezel Hybrid:

1. It’s Fuel Economical

As mentioned above, the Honda Vezel Hybrid can manage up to 24.2km/l. The Hybrid mode helps in saving fuel by shutting off the engine while the car is stationary, but leaves the air-conditioner and radio turned on. Another way it helps in saving fuel is that it allows the driver to swtich to Eco drive mode when driving.


2. It’s Spacious

Whether you are buying loads of groceries or loading it with small to medium sizes furniture, its five-seat capacity has different set-up modes designed to accommodate the flotsam of real life.

In addition to that, it has a boot space of 448 litres even before knocking down the rear seats. If the rear seats are knocked down, you can easily get up to another 30-40 litres worth of boot space.


3. It is Value for Money

The Honda Vezel Hybrid now comes with the latest headlights – the Honda LED headlights with daytime-running light technology, whereas those that came before it only had halogen headlights. The Honda Vezel Hybrid also has body-coloured bumpers and wheel arches, roof rails, and almost 360-degree windows for your view.

The car’s control systems are all designed to make your driving easier with features like the keyless entry (push start), cruise control (with steering switches), electronic parking brake (with automatic release and hold functions) and a seven-inch information-entertainment touchscreen panel that could serve as a reverse camera display monitor. You may also considering adding in the Honda Sensing as an option, for a safer drive.

In essence, the Honda Vezel Hybrid offers the best of many worlds, making it one of the most preferred hybrid cars in today’s world. It is compact yet spacious at the same time, fuel saving and value for money, thus making it the recommended car by many dealers in Singapore.


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