Different lifestyles require different types of cars. One of the first steps when you want to buy a car in Singapore is determining what vehicle you should actually need. This may sound like a simple task at first, but once you begin to seriously about it, you will realize just how complicated it can be.

Chances are, you are reading this article because you are considering a seven-seater for your next vehicle purchase, but are also having your fair share of doubts about getting such a big car. Allow us to prove that there is more to a seven-seater car that just having seven seats, and why it might be a wiser choice than that of a five-seater vehicle.


1. Storage Space

By definition, all seven-seater cars have three-row seats, the first being the driver and front passenger, followed by two more rows for rear passengers. Is it worth paying more for an extra row of seats that you might or might not need? Buying this car goes beyond that extra row of seats for passengers. In times of need, the last row can be converted into a storage space, which will come in handy even if you do not have a family of your own yet. Helping a friend move? Buying furniture that isn’t bulky enough to warrant delivery services provided by the store? Have some extra time and would like to become an ad-hoc courier to earn some money while you drive? Use that extra space. Tip: As a courier, transporting heavier & bigger items earns you more money per trip than smaller items. In all, how you use that space is entirely up to you. Getting a seven-seater is about future-proofing your car.


2. Efficiency & Versatility

If you have a baby on the way, or if you come from a big family, having a seven-seater car will be extremely useful for you. Gone are the days of having to worry about not being able to fit everyone into a car, and having to hail a cab for the rest of the family members. You can opt for the recommended car by used-car dealers in Singapore – A seven-seater car with a sliding door. It’s perfect for large family gatherings, bringing your family and your parents out for lunch and for providing assistance to family members when they need it. You can even convert the back row of your car into a space to cater to your pets.


3. You Have Options

Not all seven-seaters are created equal and there is not one single seven-seater that is best fit for everyone. What is best for one family may not be best for you. Luckily there is plenty of seven-seaters on the market that you can choose from when you buy a car, from land rovers to minivans and sedans. Seven-seater cars may be seen as family cars but they are not limited to people with large families. We challenge you to think beyond that and see if they can make life easier for you. 


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