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Honda Vezel 1.5 G (A)


Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
Vezel 2021 1.5 G (A)
Car Type
Engine Capacity
1,496 cc
142 Nm
87kW (117 bhp)


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Honda Digital Key

Smartphones are the key to cars
You can unlock the door and start the engine with your usual smartphone.

In-car Wi-Fi

Turn your car into a Wi-Fi spot
Connect smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc. to the car’s Wi-Fi. You can enjoy music, videos, and games. Of course, teleworking is also possible with a personal computer. You can purchase as much traffic as you need on the in-car display.

Automatic map update service

Automatically update to a new map
Map is updated “automatically” by communication. We will guide you to the best route to your destination.

Honda App Center
Spread the fun with your favorite app
Provides an easy-to-use app in the car. Unlimited use of music apps and destination search apps without using the communication capacity of your smartphone.

Emergency support center
Operator support with the touch of a button
In the unlikely event, the car and the emergency support center can be connected with the touch of a button. In addition, it will automatically notify you when the airbag is deployed. Since the situation of the car is shared with the operator, we provide accurate and prompt support in case of emergency or trouble.

Honda ALSOK rush service
Quick response to theft and mischief
When a parked car detects an abnormality, it will notify your smartphone. When you are away from the car, you can have an ALSOK guard man rush to the scene through the emergency support center. We will take appropriate and prompt action on your behalf for theft and mischief to keep your car safe.

Honda remote operation
You can operate and check the car with your smartphone.

Air conditioner operation
The air conditioner can be turned on shortly before boarding to make the inside of the car comfortable.

■ Searching fora car
I can’t find my car in a large parking lot. At such times, you can check the location on the map.
In addition, hazard lights and buzzers make it easier to find the vehicle.

■ Forgotten notification / operation
Notifies the smartphone of forgetting to lock the door and allows the lock operation to “firmly” support the customer’s “carelessness”.

Honda Vezel Additional Features


The third- generation Honda Vezel is a completely redesigned and re-engineered vehicle with a seamless , angular and upscale look which makes it the most desired Compact SUV in its class.

It comes with a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder in-line engine with a maximum horsepower of 117 hp and maximum torque of 142 Nm, it delivers a smooth drive and crisp acceleration.

Honda Vezel External Features

Sporty Stance

With its redesigned wheels and an aggressive honeycomb grille Honda Vezel stands out in any crowd.

The strong SUV stance and its sporty side stills brings character to this crossover.

16-inch Aluminium Wheel

The 16 inch aluminium wheels gives the Honda Vezel an unique and bold design. The wheels are made with high quality aluminium, which are designed to last long and improve the vehicle’s overall driving efficiency.

Full LED Headlight

The Honda Vezel LED Headlight uses matrix technology with crystal clear light which enables the vehicle to adaptively illuminate the road.

The LED headlights use low energy and they last long, thereby saving fuel consumption and maintenance cost.

High-mounted LED Stop Lamp

The new Honda Vezel encompasses an advanced LED technology system with a High mounted LED Stop Lamp.

Placed in the centre of the vehicle’s rear is the LED stoplight which warns the vehicles behind when the service brake is applied.

Electric Retractable Remote Control Door Mirrors

The new Handa Vezel features electric control door mirrors which sports new innovative technology features.

You can change the respective location of the side mirrors from a control button in the car to make it more convenient for your driving.

They can be also be manually folded flat which comes handy when parking in tight spaces.


Honda Vezel Internal Features

Sleek Interior

The user friendly dashboard which is packed with premium and delicate items giving the Honda Vezel interior a sleek style.

The high-resolution multi-information display which is located just behind the steering wheel in the instrument panel enables the driver to have a focused drive while having access to valuable information at a glance.

The touch control buttons on the steering wheel gives the driver easy control of the in-car features without the need to take the hand off the steering wheel.

Telescopic & Tilt Steering

The Telescopic and Tilt steering wheel gives the driver an extra measure of comfort by enabling adjust the steering wheel according to their preference.

The Honda Vezel telescoping steering wheel can be moved towards or away from you, it can be also adjusted by tilting the steering wheel in height by moving it up or down.

Multi-Information Display

Honda Vezel Multi-information display is designed to provide the driver with all the necessary information to monitor the status of the vehicle on the road.

The multi-information monitor displays the engine oil life indicator, fuel level indicator, clock, instant fuel economy indicator, odometer, and trip meters.

Push Start Button

To simplify the starting and stopping of the vehicle the Honda Vezel has a Push start/stop button. By pressing and holding the button the car automatically comes to life and when you want to stop the ignition you can press the button to bring the vehicle to rest.

The feature can used by activating it by the means of a key fob when it’s a few feet away.

Air Conditioning System

The new fully automatic climate control system in Honda Vezel keeps the cabin at a predefined preferred temperature giving the driver and passengers a relaxed and comfortable ride regardless of the temperature outside.

The climate control system in includes manual control systems for temperature control in lower trims.

6:4 Split Foldable Rear Seat

The Honda Vezel features  the 60/40 split seat configuration enables the user to carry extra-long cargo without sacrificing passenger comfort.

With a single pull of the cargo area release lever Honda Vezel rear seats can be folded flat so you can load more cargo in the vehicle. The recline angle of the rear seats can be adjusted while the seat backs are up.


Honda’s ISOFIX is designed to give your children maximum safety by providing a more secure and accessible to attach child seats to the Honda Vehicle.

In a Honda vehicle where the ISOFIX feature is enabled like the Vezel the child seat can be fitted into the corresponding fitting points in the car, eliminating the need to use the car’s seatbelts to secure the child seat.

There is also a top support leg to prevent the child seat from tilting in an impact.

Eco Assist

Eco Assist (Ecological Drive Assist System) enables the driver to drive in a more fuel-efficient way.

It also assists the driver to drive more efficiently with the help of an integrated feedback system and an ECON button thereby optimizing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

i-SRS Airbag System

The i-SRS airbag system which is Honda’s most recent innovation offers extra safety in the event of a collision. In the vehicles which has i-SRS system the airbag deploys twice as quickly and covers the driver twice as long.

The system enables the airbag gas to be directed to the centre of the bag, where it rapidly builds to the pressure required to keep the driver safe.

Honda Vezel with Carlingual

When you buy the Honda Vezel with Carlingual you can be certain you getting the best price and service in Singapore

Apart from full payment you can also buy the Honda Vezel via Carlingual financing and car insurance in Singapore.


Honda designed the Honda SENSING to protect the car’s occupants and other

road users by providing optimum safety through a suite of intelligent

safety features.

The new Honda Vezel comes equipped with Honda SENSING that detects and

avoids one-car crashes, collisions, pedestrian incidents, and missing road


It includes a Misstep Collision Mitigation System, Pedestrian Accident

Reduction Steering, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Keep Assist System

(LKAS), Sign Recognition function, Precedent Car Departure Announcement

function, Collision Mitigation Brake (CMBS), Off-road Deviation Suppression

function and Auto High Beam.

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